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Ref Sheets




Comm Info

Base costs

TypeBustHalf BodyFull BodyChibi
Sketch **10$13$15$10$
Flat Colors15$25$35$20$
Fully Rendered25$30$45$*25$*

*price may be higher depending on complexity, including, but not limited to pose, character complexity, and interactions with background.
** Sketches can be colored with flat colors for an additional 5$ across the board.
Painted sketches are +10$ across the board. Painted sketches with multiple characters are +5$ for paint for each additional character, unless chibi or fullbody, then 10$

Add-ons and Specifics

Ref SheetStarting price at 65$
Backgrounds+5$ for simple, 15$+ for complex
Doll Sheets/Outfit Sheets(Price Depends on Complexity)
Emojis10$ starting base, +5$ each emotion. Add 1-3$ for animation
Extra Character+ 50% Per Character
Armor(Price Depends on Complexity)
Mech(Price Depends on Complexity)
NSFWDouble Base Price. Add Character +75% Per Character


  • Humanoids, Furries, Armored Characters

  • Outfit Designs

  • Character Designs

  • Fanart/Fandom OCs

  • Gore (Candy + Realistic)


  • Realism

  • Not PC (racism, transphobia, etc, you get it. this is a family friendly carrd)

  • Specific Kinks. (I am v kink friendly so please mention what you want. I'm more likely to say yes, than no)


  • At the time being, NSFW is only offered as sketches and colored sketches.

  • Painted Chibis are not offered. May be subject to change

  • Even if it's not listed, it doesn't mean it's not avaliable

Terms of Services

- Please remember that the art you comission is for personal use. If planning to use commercially, please let me know and we can discuss commercial charges and distribution.- I take payment before I begin working. Payment methods include (in order of preference): PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp- Depending on the complexity of the piece, comission may come out within one week to one month of paid by date. If anything is to disrupt this timeframe, I'll be sure to let you know.- WIPs are sent at a sketch stage. At the sketch stage, minor changes are unlimited...within reason. Once moved on to lineart and color, major changes will be charged. (ex: Palatte colors can be changed in coloring stage but pose cannot be changed). Large changes in the sketch stage (different pose, different outfit) will result in a charge.- Respectfully, giving me wall texts of your character will result in the Asshole Charge. Please provide photos. I will accept any, picrews, pinterest boards, other comissioned art, etc.- If you use my art for NFT/blockchain/AI Art Training you will not just be blacklisted. I will seek legal action for stealing art and using it outside of my terms and conditions.

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(Updated 2023)
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